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News About Payout
Published on 24-08-2017

Dear Members
We are going ahead successfully and this is only with your co-operation.
Many members how don't know about us but they invest/upgrade their accounts with our given Revenue Share/Membership plan.
That is a trust on us from our members and we didn't disappoint to our members becasue we want to go long term.
We know that above text is most common text and mostly admins are using this type of text or like same.
But why we are diffrent, time will b prove that.
At this time Minimum Payout is $2 and 100 minimum click required for cash-out.
Many members send support tickets and saying to reduce minimum click for cash-out.
Our goal is " Pay On Time " so we also expect to our members to work with consistence and honestly.
100 clicks are not a big numbers of clicks. Its necessary for real members and their real work.
We have hope that some members who have upgraded their accounts will be send their cash-out request from next week.

We already mention that members can send their payout request through PayPal & Bitcoin.

In the end, we are much happy with our member's response and want much more

Tony Bilastic

Official Launch BMPClix
Published on 17-08-2017

On 22nd August, we are officially launching the Make your account and start your handsome earning from 22nd August 2017.

During this period, we are completing our website and trying to get advertisements from diffrent places.