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What about us?

We have many years experience with participating & operating in Bitcoin Mining Program, We distribute profit from bitcoin mining program to our investors. Now we are expanding our mining work with Antminer L3+ and S9 machines with the revenue of BMPClix investors. We make a reputation to provide profit on time to our members/investors and will go out of our way to keep members/investors happy! Initially we will give close profit, and will increase profit time to time according to mining prices.


AdPacks 150% ROI

Buy Shares And Get 150% Stable Revenue!
Choose a company for investing in your future. Get daily, monthly and yearly stable income, from your stock purchases.
Share profit is fixed for every membership, but prices are diffrent according to memberships.
For good profit, upgrade your account and purchase our shares and get payment on monthly basis!

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Member’s benefits

  • 150% profit on your share!
  • Turn $5 into $6 in 30 Days
  • Earn $0.5 per click for (BMP Partner 12 Months).
  • Earn up to 600% per ref click.
  • Post payment proof and get up to 10 points manually.
  • Post your experience in forum and get points.
  • Reach to 1000 forum posts and get up to $10!
  • Get BMP Grid prize $5.
  • Earn points and convert into cash.
  • Low withdrawal limit of $2.

Advertiser’s benefits

  • 1000 PTC AD credits as low as $2
  • 5000 PTC AD credits as low as $4
  • 10000 PTC AD credits as low as $7
  • 25000 PTC AD credits as low as $13
  • 50000 PTC AD credits as low as $20
  • 10000 PTC AD credits as low as $30
  • 100000 PTC AD credits as low as $50
  • Login Ads for 7 Days as low as $3
  • 25000 Banner Ad credits as low as $2
  • 10000 Featured Text Ad credits as low as $3
  • 30 Days Featured Link Ads as low as $5
  • 50 PTSU credits as low as $6.99($0.14 per credit)
  • 30 Days AdGrid as low as $5
  • Special Advertising Packages start as low as $13.29
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